As you know, fuel expenses are rapidly increasing day-by-day due to our ridiculous usage of it.
Well, Iam not one of them who is surprised by this increase in price as fuel are in great demand to the world, and its probably the reason that keeps the russians and the arabians happy and healthy.
And with the present fuel costs, I can assure that no one will skip a chance to save some fuel and along with it some hard-made bucks.
So, in this hub Iam going to provide you with 7 best tips to save fuel.

1) Slow Down
Recent studies have revealed that vehicles which go slower tend to lose much less fuel and they have got clear-cut proof for it.
If you are not a slow-typer then Relax, because there are more than one way to save fuel.

2) Keep a constant pace
Another very good method to save fuel.
Keeping a constant speed means lesser usage of clutches and gears which saves about upto 20% of your fuel.

3) Maintain your tire pressure.
An average car loses about 1 psi per month and a 10-degree climate change can also bring about a reduction of 1 psi.
But here’s what to do check your air pressure more often and maintain it about once a month.

4) Reduce usage of A/C
Reducing usage of the AC may be a hard thing to give up on for many. But, occassionally getting the nature to blow at you is good for your health and can save a few bucks.

5) Reduce extra weight
The more weight your car carries, the more fuel it consumes. So its good to clean out your car once in a while and to dispose of unwanted things.

6) A small fuel-efficient Car
If you’re seriously buying a car or are considering to change your car, I seriously advice you to buy a small fuel efficient cars. You may have known that smaller ‘hybrid’ cars are now more advanced than ever provided its extra space and comfort.
So on a personal level I dont mind picking a small hybrid over a large Sedan. And I recommend you to buy a smooth fuel-efficient cars which now are being released by most of the car brands.

7) Reduce Driving
Yes, I said reduce driving because, its a quite forward simple fact that you can save fuel by reducing driving it. And I really mean it because many of us like to drive to a nearby place.
But walking is a way-better alternative which is beneficial health-wise, socially,environmentally and economically.

Hope this article has been useful.
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