Due to the much hyped Megaupload incident, andlater followed by self-closure of public file sharing by most popular file-host: Filesonic & Fileserve, the file sharing business got at-least temporarily got hurt.
You should be aware that, their are thousands (if not millions) of small & big Public Filesharing websites, which do host Movies, Music, Games, eBooks & Softwares, plus many other things too. However, due to recent events Filesonic closed itsRevenue sharing model, followed by Fileserve and few others to name.
For those who are not aware, Revenue sharing model by the above file-hosts helped many small time uploaders to Upload their content (i.e. Movies, Music or anything), and as a result they were paid by File-Hosting companies via their revenue sharing model (which unfortunately has closed now). Due to that, many uploaders who were earning good revenue, had their major revenue source cut off!.